Talent Strategy   

The best human resource strategies flow from the business strategy. Managing your talent pipeline, and developing a strategy to sustain it, requires understanding your organization’s business strategy and the organizational capabilities needed to execute it. We have experience in helping organizations clarify the current business strategy and develop a one to five year human resources strategy to support their achievement of the business objectives.

E.L. Goldberg & Associates also helps companies identify and analyze current organization capabilities to ensure the right capabilities are in place to achieve the company’s strategic objectives. We can also help translate critical organizational capabilities into individual core competencies that need to be acquired and developed through human resources programs. By using core competencies as the foundation for all your HR programs, you will consistently hire those with the most essential competencies that will drive bottom-line success, as well as reinforce the corporate culture regarding what which behaviors are valued.

Speaking Engagements

  • The Future of HR. (October 22, 2015). Presentation made at The G100 Talent Consortium, New York, New York.
  • HR in Effective Organizations: A Look at the Future (June 2, 2015). Presentation made at the Center for Effective Organizations Corporate Sponsors Meeting, Los Angeles, CA.
  • Transforming Work: Are you ready for the future? (2014). Presentation given at the SHRM Annual Conference, Orlando, FL.