Staffing a joint venture

Company Industry – Oil + Energy Company

The Situation:

  • A joint venture was being created by three large oil companies
  • The new organization needed to find a fair and successful process for staffing the new organization — quickly
  • Employees from each of the three oil companies were being considered for employment, so they needed a way to level the playing field and keep the process impartial

What We Did:

  • Designed a staffing process for the new organization with buy-in from all three organizations
  • Defined the competencies required for success in various key roles in the new organization. Representatives from each organization were brought together in one large room to work together in teams— beginning the integration process
  • Designed a selection process to quickly evaluate current employees for fit into the roles of the newly created organization

The Outcome:

  • The staffing process was executed and was perceived to be fair by the candidates
  • No staffing decisions were disputed
  • Management team was staffed in less than one week