Succession Planning & Talent Reviews

Do you know where your up-and-coming talent is in the organization? Have you thought through how to engage and retain them for the long run? Are you actively planning for succession in key leadership roles or are you hoping the right talent will appear when needed?  E. L. Goldberg & Associates helps companies develop processes that create sustainable competitive advantage through the identification and development of talent within the organization.

Succession Planning

Effective leadership identification programs identify future leaders and key contributors in the organization and create development plans to ensure their readiness for future roles. With our expertise in assessment and development we can help build a process for your organization that won’t just be a 3-ring binder of names on a shelf, but rather a rich discussion process with action plans for developing your most senior-level talent. As senior-level leaders move up in their career path they need to gain new perspectives and utilize different skills. We can help you identify who has potential and identify key areas to focus on for development as your leaders make various career transitions.

Talent Review

In the past several years organizations have begun to conduct a more systematic review of the talent they currently have in the organization. When conducting a talent review organizations are considering:

  • Who has potential to move into a higher level role and how should they be developed?
  • Who needs a specific development experience to help them make a career transition?
  • Has anyone been sitting in a position for too long, blocking the career path for others?
  • Which positions make good rotational assignments?

We can help your organization create a talent review process so that you can more effectively manage and develop the talent in your organization and identify high potential talent early and take action that will increase the likelihood of retaining them.