Is your recruiting process too slow or leaving a bad impression on potential employees? Are you hiring people who turn out to be not a good fit? Are you jumpstarting new employees on a path of productivity and job satisfaction? Finding and selecting the best talent is not an easy job, yet it is the most important task your managers will do. If your talent is your competitive advantage then making sure your hire right the first time will pay significant dividends in the long run. E.L. Goldberg & Associates helps companies develop systems that attract and select the best talent and start them off on the road to productivity.

Recruiting Process Design

Well designed recruitment processes project the right company image and attract appropriate candidates (and re-attract valuable employees). The candidate’s experience as they proceed through your hiring process will both determine if they want to accept your job offer and whether they would want to be your customer in the future. We can help you redesign your recruitment process from the customer’s perspective to ensure it is efficient, effective, and leaves a positive impression on your candidates.


Selection systems designed to assess individual competencies help companies identify the best talent from a pool of applicants. From developing interviewing protocols to assessment centers we have experience helping companies make more accurate selection decisions and provide information that can be used to begin development planning from the outset. Hiring right the first time means reduced turnover and increased productivity.

New Employee Orientation

New employee orientation programs jump-start employee productivity and company indoctrination. The new employee experience begins the day they accept their job offer and reinforcing the employee’s choice to join the organization is important for both retention and employee satisfaction. Research has demonstrated that providing new employees with the right resources and a solid understanding of the organization during the first few weeks of employment will boost employee productivity.

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