E. L. Goldberg & Associates has been a leader in helping companies reinvent performance management to improve the process to better meet the needs of a contemporary organization. While traditional performance management processes served us for many years, today’s organizations are more agile, collaborative, and are comprised of mostly knowledge workers who have different expectations than employees of the past. We can help you drive employee performance and maximize employee contribution by helping you rethink how you approach this process.

We stay on top of evolving practices in performance management by conducting cutting-edge research on the design and implementation factors that drive success in performance management and by learning from those who are experimenting with new practices. 

Speaking Engagements

  • Continuous Employee Performance Management: How to Flip the Switch (June, 2016).  HR.Com Webinar.
  • Reimagining Your Approach to Performance Management: New Processes for the Contemporary Workplace (December, 2015). TLNT Webinar.
  • Rethinking Performance Reviews. (October, 2015), San Diego HR Forum, San Diego, CA.
  • Disrupting Traditional Performance Management (October, 2015). Presentation given for 7Geese (private company event).
  • Building a Cycle of Engagement and Development with Re-Calibrated Performance Management (September, 2015). HCI Webinar.
  • Reclaim Performance Management. (September, 2015) EmPerform Webinar.
  • Reimagining Performance Management: The Synaptics Case Study (September, 2015), HR Roundtable, Sherry Benjamins & Company, Long Beach, CA.
  • Performance Management for the 21st Century Organization (2015). Presentation at the SHRM Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV.
  • Goldberg, E. (2008, June). Performance Metrics that Drive Employee Engagement and Business Results. IOMA Webinar.
One of the best presentations I’ve attended on this topic. Love the research and background information as well. Thanks!

This was the best presentation on how to make the change and mostly helpful about how to give the power back to the managers about distribution of salary increase monies to top performers when it isn’t clearly based on perf ratings.

This is one of the best webinars I have attended. Timely topic and effective presenter.


  • Innovative Performance Management: Leveraging Social Media Technology (in press). Chapter in HR Directions. HR C-Suite publications. click to read article
  • It’s Time We Reinvent Performance Management for Today’s Business Challenges (July 8,2015). click to read article
  • Performance Management Gets Social (July, 2015). HR Magazine. click to read article
  • A Comparison of Effective and Ineffective Performance Management Initiatives. (2007)
    Report published by E. L. Goldberg & Associates, Menlo Park, CA.